Curse of the Crimson Throne

Into the Heart of Evil

Seven Days to the Grave

The next chamber our Heroes reveal is that of several large glass tubes containing what looks to be large dead creatures with horse skeleton heads and black wings. Only a few priests dwell here, with a hallway leading further down. The priests aren’t much of a match for the party, but before they are taken out they release the last living creature to take care of the interlopers. This turns out to be a Leukodaemon, a creature of pestilence. After a few close calls, the heroes dispatch the daemon and prepare to head further into the temple.

A long passageway finally opens up into the inner sanctuary of the temple. Here they find Lady Andaisin ready and waiting for them. A terrible and near-fatal battle ensues with the Lady Andaisin. The Heroes kill her finally, and as they search the room, they feel the wrath of a goddess imbue the fallen priestess with power. The fallen Andaisin rises again as a Daughter of Urgathoa, and the battle continues!


Crimsonking Crimsonking

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