Curse of the Crimson Throne

Temple of Urgathoa

Seven Days to the Grave

Underneath the Hospice, the PCs make a shocking discovery: a secret temple dedicated to the goddess of undeath. They battle with undead, Priests, and Queen’s Physician. All while Reaper went to go get potions to help out.

The party looks around a bit and finds 8 Varisians being tested on. They release them and tell them not to go through the first set of double doors, but to go around.

Past a second set of double doors, they find a large room holding vats of pure blood veil for infecting the masses. They also find the bulk of the priests of Urgathoa, Plague Doctors, as well as Dr. Davaulus and their enemy Rolth ready for them. The Heroes, however, are also ready. The battle is a ferocious one. The zombies fall thanks to a strong channel energy and the Rangers bow. Davaulus’ bombs are too strong though and Majenko and Lucario Sparrow fall in battle via a fiery death. The barbarian is unconscious as is the druid. The Ranger and Inquisitor finish off Dr. Davaulus and Rolth is close to death and he begins to flee, but not without casting one last spell causing Reaper to lose huge amounts of Intelligence and Charisma. Rolth dimension doors out of there.

One room, however contained many strange devices, including an operating table with an unconscious Ruan. He is being experimented on by a strange looking fellow named Ramoska. Ramoska is a Nosferatu (vampire) from Ustalav, sent to Korvosa by his master to help the Cult of Urgathoa and another group with the spread of blood veil. He is more preoccupied with seeing how the Varisians who seem to be immune to blood veil could be used to find a cure for vampirism, a goal he is most interested in. When the PCs enter, the nosferatu was first most displeased with intruders, but recognized the threat the PCs must represent. He was most displeased in having to abandon his current hopeful project, but understoods and has them pay 2000 gp for the boy and he will be out of their hair. Having freed their friend, the PCs continue into the Temple, for they know they have yet to have seen the High Priestess….


Crimsonking Crimsonking

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