Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Heroes Rest

Seven Days to the Grave

The heroes needed some more potions so they try to get a discount at a store the go to fairly often.
So they tried anything the owner wanted them to do…. drugs and sex was involved and prostitutes. Later they tell Deyanira Mirukova that her brother is still missing and she thanked them and moved on. The next day the party got a letter wanting to thank them and give them some reward for doing what they do. It was an ambush and only Euros was there to to the full blow. The rest of the party tries to save him and they almost all died. After that the party went door to door and seeing if they could help anybody. They meet Arundhati a wizard from the Academa and he paid them to help try out some new spells.


Crimsonking Crimsonking

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