Grau Soldado

Member of the Korvosan Guard.


Grau is a lean man, with packets of steely muscle on his well-honed physique. He is normally clean shaven, with bright piercing green eyes.


A well-liked Watch Sergeant, the king’s death has hit him hard, but the riots hit him harder. Grau was discovered drunkenly wandering the streets after the riots began, reeking of stale sweat, vomit and rotgut. The heroes went to great lengths to sober up the man, making repeated attempts to convince him that he was making a fool of himself.

Realizing that his actions were destructive at best, Grau returned to Citadel Volshyenek on his own to make amends and has since taken up the mantle of Guard Sergeant with renewed vigor.

Grau Soldado

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