Ishani Dhatri

Cleric of the Bank of Abadar


Just nearing 30 years old, Ishani Dhatri is a low-ranking priest in the Bank of Abadar. His Vudrani heritage is plainly visible, but his speech doesn’t carry any Vudrani accent.


Ishani’s mother brought him to Korvosa when he was less than 10, fleeing an outbreak of scarlet leprosy in Vudra that had already claimed his father. Taking the first ship to anywhere, Ishani and his mother found themselves on the return journey of an Arkona expedition and have lived in Korvosa ever since. Ishani’s experience in Vudra scarred him, and he has sought to help the sick ever since.

The PCs met Ishani at the Soldados, when he was attempting to understand the sickness plaguing young Brienna. He then begged their help in discovering the source of Blood Veil and helping avoid as many deaths as possible.

Ishani Dhatri

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