Lady Andaisin

High Priestess of Urgathoa (Deceased) and briefly Daughter of Urgathoa (also Deceased)


“And so you have found your way to me, hopeful heroes. Know that you stand before the architect of your city’s death. You call this sending blood veil, yet I know it as the gentle kiss of the Pallid Princess. Your reward shall be great—choose of the seven scourges to become one with the goddess. Those who drink, I shall only cripple, leaving you alive to enjoy her as she quickens inside your flesh. Those who abstain are fools, not fit to house the divine gift. You may prostrate yourselves at my feet and I shall make your end all the more swift for it. Swifter, in any event, than this delightful end your lovely queen has enjoined me to create!”


Lady Andaisin, High Priestess of Urgathoa,is a true fanatic and as so is arrogant in her invincibility within the sanctuary of her goddess.

Unlike most fanatics, much of Lady Andaisin’s arrogance is not mere delusion. Urgathoa has taken note of the blood veil plague ravaging Korvosa and is pleased with the ingenuity and effectiveness of her servants there. As such, she has considered gifting Lady Andaisin with one of her greatest blessings, transformation into an undead saint of her profane church, a daughter of Urgathoa. As Lady Andaisin is slain before this destiny is fulfilled, though, the incensed goddess immediately imbues her minion’s corpse with her intended gift—death being no barrier to the goddess of the undead.

Lady Andaisin

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