Trinia Sabor

Painter and Supposed King Assassin


Trinia Sabor is an attractive young woman with innocent eyes, golden hair, and a lithe frame. Her smile is generous and warm and her attractive looks often set bystanders to gawking and murmuring as she passes.


Despairing over his slow decline, Eodred’s chamberlain sought frantically for a way to improve the health of his ailing liege. One of his schemes involved securing the service of Trinia Sabor, then a struggling artist, hoping that regular visits from the pretty young artist would raise his spirits.

When news of Eodred II’s untimely demise came to light, Trinia was almost immediately fingered as a possible suspect and fearing retribution, the young woman went to ground immediately. Trinia had never been good with money — by the time of his death, she’d already spent all of what she was paid to capture Eodred II’s likeness on friends and neighbors.

Trinia was identified in the suicide testimony of a guard who claimed he saw her slipping a specially prepared poison powder into Eodred’s tea the night he took ill and her portrait of him was completed.

Trinia Sabor

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