Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Dead Warrens

Cressida Kroft sends our heroes to help out the Korvosan guard again, this time aiding in recovering the body of a Shoanti tribesman who was killed in the streets during the riots (Korvosans are a bit xenophobic). The tribesman happened to be the nephew of the Shoanti Ambassador, Thousand Bones.

The PCs find the body parts within one of the secret lairs of Rolth the Necromancer, in the Dead Warrens within Grey District. This lair was full of derro, an Owlbear skeleton, a few necrophidius, a carrion golem, a very ugly ogre (Cabbagehead), and Rolth’s derro apprentice Vreeg.

After returning with Gaekhen’s body the party has learned the “Trinia” has been captured by the some guards some where by the piers. Cressdia Kroft tells the party that they can hand over the body now as she will take care of the rest. However now tomorrow they must attended the execution of Trinia, who manage to “slip” their grasps. As the day begins the entire town is lively and getting ready for the main event today.


Unhappy people like to gossip, and the rumors were running wild that the King did not in fact die of natural causes. Word then starts to circulate that the King was indeed poisoned by a young woman who had been commissioned to paint his likeness. The fingers were pointed at young Trinia Sabor. At the Field Marshall request, they seek to find Trinia Sabor before the angry mobs do. They succeed after a precarious chase across the rooftops. She claims her innocence, and the party is split on what to do with her. Saint End and Dobbie believe she is innocent. While Euros Peat and Reaper thought she should be turned in. Lucario Sparrow was the deciding factor to which they hid her in the Old Fishery. Euros is still sour about it, but now a urgent matter is at hand.

A Day Off

And so the Heroes had a day to them selves to relax and spend money or go and explore the city. Dobbie and Saint End wanted some more cash so they went to do some bounties, but they forgot some paperwork and were not allowed to go into old Korvosa without it. Euros wanted some new gear and he even bought Dobbie some new armor. Lucario and Reaper were talking about things while drinking at the Three Rings tavern. As all the champions had arrived back into the tavern a cleric of Pharasma came into the bar and gave the party a quest to rid of some creatures in the graves. Three of the Champions accepted the offer while two other went out on a manhunt. The party of Three was torn apart by a bunch of blood skeletons and one Champion Skeleton. Lucario was killed and was raised up by his temple however he is now in huge debt (10,000 Gold crowns) to the temple of Abadar. The manhunt went well for the party of two, but they orphaned 5 kids. They then meet up thanks to Majenko and kick the Skeleton’s collective asses. They were paid well and then came the next day which then changed everything.

Marcus Thalassinus Endrin came into the Tavern and told the party that something needs investigation. Something ominous within the Sable Marine Company and Kovorsan Guards. Almost all the females have gone AWOL. Marcus tells them to talk to an Elf woman who has not yet left. Kethryllia Greendancer pointed them to a human who was asked to join but she didn’t want to go. The party found her and asked for help. She had a flyer with directions. It took them to a hidden area within the heights. It was a facility for retraining of these soldiers. Sadly the party tried to infiltrate and only Dobbie and Fiona got through. They went through the horrific and grueling initiation. As the party heard man sounds coming from the inside they tried to break in and didn’t make it in time. Fiona broke and Dobbie was found out to be male and was mutilated in many ways and left for dead in a sewer system. The Kovorsan guards got here to late and nobody was inside when they were broke in. Sadly no useful information was found in the facility. On this day Dobbie died and is now only a husk of hate, rage, and revenge. He learned information that could change everything… or so he believes.

Eel's End

Our heroes meet with Cressida Kroft and in her office is Vencarlos Orisini they talk about many things ranging from the government to Korvosan legends such as the famed hero Blackjack who has recently resurfaced. Cressida has given a task to the party to go to old Kovorsa and deal with a thorn in her side by the name of Darvayne Gios Amprei and the only way to get to him is by Devargo Barvasi.

The mission started of normally; however, things took a turn for the worst as the guards would not allow the party entrance no matter what. Thus, Balto did the only sensible thing any adventure would do… (sigh) he stared a “bar” brawl on the main deck by throwing a chair. As the chair landed on some unsuspecting dwarf a battle royal ensued. The dwarf attacked him and Balto ran. Meanwhile Annex tried to sneak by the guards, but they saw him move too close. Euros watched as shit hit the fan and tried to back up Balto. As they ran from boat to boat the dwarf caught up to Balto and pushed him over the edge making him plunged a few feet down. Annex tried to shoot crossbow bolts at him but missed and luckily the dwarf was a man who only and to fight with Balto and no one else. And then a shark found poor Balto in the water and attacked. Annex decided to be a hero and get a jump attack on the shark. The shark decided to go under…Balto swam towards the boat because Euros threw some rope towards him. He went up and Annex went down. Meanwhile the rest of the party noticed that Annex didn’t come back up. Balto said “Fuck it I will save him just tie some rope on me!” as he readied to dive back in. And he gets there just in time before the shark is going to snack on an unconscious Annex. He manages to fight it off and save Annex from the shark; however, Balto’s swimming technique was down right sorry and he began to swallow water and he too lost conscious, sadly releasing annex right back into the unforgiving hands of the ocean. The dwarf came back to help reel them in, but the only one who came up was Balto and he needed air fast. Yet, fate was an unrelenting bitch this day and he, too, died from oxygen deprivation and liquids in his lungs.

Two days pass as the party mourns the loss of a friend and a mysterious man who’s name they still did not know.

At the funeral they meet a cleric of Sarenrae (played by Cesar) who believes that he was sent here to help the party and prevent misfortune like this from happening again. Saint End decided he would go this time to make sure an accident won’t happen again, while Reaper decide to take an extra day to mourn his buddy. On their way there they meet a strange little fellow. He seems to be enamored with fire and it is always on his mind. They paid him to come along.(He was more trouble than he was worth but more on that later because you know Spoilers and stuff :3)

The party manages to bribe their way in, but little old Fire Druid accidentally offended a guard who took him into the ship as a prisoner. He would later be taken to feed some of the King of spiders pets but more on that later.

As the party makes their way in they find six other guards in there and a very angry looking man sitting in a make-shift throne. That man was Devargo Barvasi and he had no time to waste so they got right down to it. Deals were made and insults were tossed but luckily the Pc’s had enough money to simmer the situation down. He went to get the evidence they needed. When he left Majenko telepathically communicated with Lucario Sparrow asking for freedom. A fight went under way and thanks to some clever thinking from Euros they used a trap door they found on the poor saps. and MAjenko was freed.

Now this trap door lead to a lair of sorts for the true spider king. An Ettercap has made its home here and it was about to feed on a poor unconscious Druid named Dobbie. Luckily the two guards who fell through became its new snack and the left overs were left for its babies(spiders). Devargo came back with the letters but he was pissed that the PC’s betrayed him. Saint End and him begin to duke it out poisoned is used and damage is taken. All the while Euros asks if its cool to help the other and Saint End gives the thumbs up. He jumps down wailing on the Ettercap with his Earthbreaker dealing nasty damage. Lucario is knocked out but Majenko tries to protect him. At this time spiders begin to flood the room. The spiders fall to the mighty boot(lol)and Devargo comes down bringing Saint End only to find that his side is the losing side.

With a crushing blow to a fleeing Devargo (who became invisible) by a raging barbarian’s sword they retrieve what they needed and find some stuff worth selling. They bring it back to Cressida Kroft and she thanks them tremendously and makes them champions of the city. She hands them 500gp to share with the pseudodragon’s mark (for each player), a medal that symbolizes a character is a champion of Korvosa.

As for now she does not need their help and tells them to rest up and if she needs their help she shall call for them.

All the World's Meat

The first mission our Heroes are tasked with is rounding up deserters from the Guard who left their posts and have been selling meat in Northshore. The PCs attempt a frontal approach to speak with these deserters and they ask for the night’s special cut, which they then tell them to come back in a few hours when business dies down. The meeting goes sour and the party starts attacking. They fight a few off until enforcement come in which the party regroup outside as the Cow Hammer Boys retreat further into the Meat shop. As they heal up they venture back in to see that the front counter is empty. They are hit by a small trap set up further into the building. After fighting off two more renegade guard and their boars. They find the meat locker and inside it it is then discovered that not all the meat being processed in the back are from animals. The Cow Hammer Boys were murdering people and have been giving their targets to citizens! As combat begins to reach its crescendo a drunk (and somewhat clueless) Verik with 2 other guards emerges from the upstairs offices to see what the commotion is all about. The PCs confront Verik with the true about the events that have been taking place behind his back and he gives up all hope in his men; as he keeps repeating that all he wanted to do was feed the poor and that it was his girlfriends idea. They arrest him and two other guards while killing one, and taking his fancy silver dagger that was a gift from his ‘girlfriend’ Melyia Arkona.(They sell it later)

Long Live the Queen!

Sorting through the loot from the Fishery, the PCs realize they have a brooch that belongs to the Queen. They also meet with Sabina Merrin and it went okay, but she seems to not like them a lot because of how immature and inappropriate they are. They seek to return the brooch and are rewarded immensely by an audience with the Queen herself and her plea for these new ‘heroes’ to help the city. The PCs agree and are sent to Citadel Volshyenek to speak with Cressidia Kroft. She sends the new heroes on a mission to help quell the unrest within the city. Field Marshall Kroft is able to give the some housing in a near by inn. They head of to the meat shop to find out what happened with Verik Vancaskerkin and his goons.

City Gone Mad

Emerging from the fishery you find the city in chaos. News of King Eodred’s death has incited rioting across the city. Among the riots, the heroes have a chance to save a young noble from being killed by Shoanti rioters, also save some shops from burning to the ground, helped a drunk member of the Korvosan guard (Grau Soldado) get back to the Citadel Volshyenek (Orders from Cressidia Kroft), a bloody Otyugh rampages on the streets after goblins blew up some of the sewers up, as well as calm a crazy doomsayer bent on grappling the Barbarian.

Old Fishery

The PCs enter the Old Fishery after sundown, and take care of Gaedren’s main thugs Yargin,Giggles and the mangy cur Bloo. All the little lambs are forced to fight back but they are out of their way league and they suffer casualties. However,Balto is able to save some kids and send the to a church. The PCs then make their way under the fishery to access Gaedren’s Den thanks to Annex’s torture of Yargin, where Hooshank is waiting for them. They fight him, Gaedren and his alligator.

After dispatching of Lamm quickly and anticlimactically, you loot Gaedrens rather pitiful treasures. Within his bedroom however, Balto make a shocking discovery – the head of Zellara! You go back to her apartment and discover that Zellara did pursue Gaedren, but was then captured and killed several weeks ago. She gathered the heroes together posthumously and now haunts her Harrow Deck. After you guys loot around a faint smell of smoke and the sounds of yelling is heard in the distance. As you guys go outside you see that Korvorsa is on fire and the king is dead.

Haunted Fortunes

It all started simply enough. A regular day interrupted by a single note delivered on a Harrow Deck card, with words that would swiftly alter your fate. The note leads you and several acquaintances to a small house on Lancet street, the home of the fortune teller Zellara.

Zellara tells you all that she has been wronged by a man named Gaedren Lamm, and that she knows you have been wronged as well. She tells you of the loss of her son Eran, and her pursuit of him for revenge. She convinces your group to find him at a fishery to the north along the Jeggare, and provides you with a Harrowing to guide your way. In the Harrowing, she tells the group of unrest soon to come to the city and a great catastrophe will plague the land.


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