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  • Gaedren Lamm

    Calling them his 'Little Lamms' he forced them to commit petty crimes to support him and his organization. While a large portion of Korvosa’s lower classes had dealings with Lamm, most of the city’s middle class and nobility were not even aware of his …

  • King Eodred Arabasti II

    Born Arkapallus Arabasti, King Eodred II adopted the name of Korvosa’s first king when he took the throne, in the hope of achieving the same level of popularity and success as his adopted namesake. Eodred loves the soft touch of females, regardless of …

  • Devargo Barvasi

    Known on the street as the “King of Spiders”, whispers say that Devargo has the blood of fiends in him, and that he can communicate with spiders telepathically. Devargo earned his moniker well by collecting the secrets of many powerful personages …

  • Vreeg

    Vreeg is the loyal apprentice to Rolth the necromancer. He runs Rolths hidden lab in Korvosa, which is in the Dead Warrens.

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