Gnomish Barbarian


This deranged, tongueless gnome has one eye and dresses like a miniature executioner.


Pilts found Jabbyr several years ago in a shipment of torture devices he imported from Cheliax. Near death, tongueless, and with one eye burnt out by a hot poker, whether the gnome had accidentally been shipped in the gibbet or on purpose Pilts never determined. At first, he thought Jabbyr was dead, but when the tongueless gnome shrieked and began babbling when Pilts tried to extract him from the torture device, Pilts took the nearly dead gnome under his wing. Over those years, Jabbyr never quite recovered his mind from whatever nameless tortures he’d undergone, but he did indeed become a loyal minion of the man he now calls “Unca Pit.” Today, Jabbyr serves primarily as the operator for the Demon’s Maw, a role he has taken to with great delight, especially since Pilts dressed him as a court executioner. He even stitched up the eyehole in the hood that one-eyed Jabbyr has no need for.


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