Pilts Swastel

Self-Proclaimed King of Old Korvosa


Pilts owned and ran Old Korvosa’s Exemplary Execrables, a playhouse that caters to those seeking perverse and morally-questionable entertainment.
After his brush with blood-veil left his face unattractive as well as his sanity a full cards short of a full-house, and his fair playhouse burned in the quarantine riots, Pilts has re-established himself as a self-proclaimed ruler.
Taking over a set of tenements in old-dock, and utilizing all manner of thuggery and deaths with his favorite device, the tall knife, Pilts has built himself a brutal empire of fear and domination. Those who do not flock to his banner find themselves victims to his reign. He hopes to soon build up a large enough ‘army’ to take the entirety of Endrin Isle.


Pilts Swastel

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