Curse of the Crimson Throne

A Recap of what happened before our 5 MONTH BREAK

(Holy shit its been a while)

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation ATTACKED…… wait wrong story

Okay so you lot (Dobbie, Euros, Hamtara, and Reaper’s sister,) fled to Old Korvosa after Queen Ileosa Arabasti the first of her name and protector of the seven realms sent a bounty on your heads and demanded your beheading for the injustices committed during the plague. Many said that the rumors we falsehoods meant to slander the greatest heroes Korvsa had ever had since Blackjack popped up. However, many began to believe the propaganda after the incident that took place during the Queen’s speech. The very same incident that took Marcus Thalassinus Endrin’s life where he failed to assassinate the Queen.

Leaving Korvsa was no easy task for your group as it took Reaper’s and Saint End’s dear life in the “Cleansing”, as some are calling it now.

Luckily Cressida Kroft helped sneak the group out and gaving you what little supplies she could spare. Vencarlos Orisini had also left a note warning you of a grave secret he has uncovered on the Queen and he needs to speak with the party at once. And with that news the party made its trek to Old Korvosa, unwary of the trials ahead.

First was Vencarlos’ house which was being watched by the assassin cult Red Mantis for who knows what reasons. Perhaps they where there to make sure a certain secret would go unheard. Beatrix was murdered in cold blood right away showing that these assassins were not going to go down easily. Amin Jalento a student of Vencarlos helped point them in the right direction and told them the last person seen with Vencarlos was.

Death befell the party at every corner of Old Korvosa. Next was the Emperor’s Palace. Of course the party hired another ranger and a fighter before entering the place as they were advised by Laori Vaus to do so (the extra muscle would be needed). Laori told them that in order to find Vencarlos they would need to find Salvator Scream.



Crimsonking Crimsonking

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