Curse of the Crimson Throne

Recap part Deux

Of to the Emperor’s Palace where death and violence was non-stop. Pilts Swastel had taken over most of east Old Kovorsa with the help of some gangs after it was quarantined by the Queen. Pilts’ face was ridden with blood-veil and pimple scars. Growing mad he decide it was time to overthrow the Arkona’s and that bitch of a Queen. This lead to him grabbing everything in his sight and claiming it as his, even with people. This is how Salvator Scream ended up in his palace of death. His painting were things of gruesome beauty and the Emperor want that.

Walking through all the gangs and mobs the party pushes through to the palace with some slight trouble. In the mist of fighting the Emperor’s mobs, the Emperor himself calls upon the party to congratulate them on their splendid display of killing.

The party takes this as their chance to talk with him and see if they can find Salvator. While the Emperor commemorates them call what they did on the field of battle a glorious art form “with the crimson red blood as their paint and the floor as their canvas.” He also said he will give the party one thing as a gift. When they ask for Mr. Scream the Emperor says fine only if you can beat us in blood pig. (An Awful fucking game he made up… sooooo dumb)

The party barely manages to win and the Emperor is not to happy about that but he gives them what they want.

They question Scream and say he will tell the everything only if they kill that crazed man. Which they proceed to do. They slay just about everyone until Rolth showed and killed one of them. He warned them about what will come if they dont leave him to his research. Then he left while leaving them a little gift (a flesh golem).

Salvator tells the party everything “Salvator explains his relationship with Neolandus Kalepopolis, going on to describe how the man showed up at his home, desperate, bloodied, and poisoned, early on the morning Eodred II died. Neolandus was delirious, but managed to convey to Salvator that he needed a place to hide. Salvator nursed him back to health, whereupon Neolandus confided in him that Queen Ileosa had murdered her husband, and that she’d entered an alliance
with the Red Mantis. They were the ones who tried to assassinate Neolandus, and his escape was as much luck as anything. Worse, Neolandus said that there was something about Queen Ileosa that wasn’t quite right— that she’d changed recently. Grown “worse,” whatever that meant. Neloandus refused to divulge more to Salvator,
saying that “the less he knew, the safer he’d be,” and that the seneschal needed more time to think things through and do some research before he decided on the proper
course of action. Yet an artist’s simple home is not a secure hideout— both Neolandus and Salvator knew this. Salvator had connections with the Arkonas (they were one of his greatest patrons), and when he suggested that Neolandus seek
them out for asylum, the seneschal begrudgingly agreed. Salvator escorted his friend up to the Arkona Palace late one night, just a few days before the quarantine occurred,
and hasn’t seen his friend since. Salvator says that the Arkonas seemed friendly enough,
and at the time he felt they could be trusted to hide Neolandus from the queen. The artist even offers up the fact that they haven’t given him up yet as proof that they were the best choice at the time. Yet after his meetings with Vencarlo, who revealed to Salvator his theories that the Arkonas were more criminal-minded than Salvator suspected, the artist has come to believe that he might have just traded his friend’s danger for a different one. He suspects that Vencarlo might have tried to infiltrate Palace Arkona to find out more, and if told that he’s gone missing too, the artist grows pale before begging the PCs to find them both. “Korvosa’s not a safe place for them—they need to escape the city!” he cries. “Myself too. And you as well!””

And of they went to the Arkona Fort to save Vencarlos Orisini and Neolandus Kalepopolis.


Crimsonking Crimsonking

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